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A property development won’t get far off the ground without proper funding. That’s where a development finance loan comes in: it will provide you with the money you need to fund the development process from start to finish. 

Bluechip Financial have been sourcing optimal finance solutions for over a decade and a half. Our specialist brokers have the tools and knowledge to comb the markets for your perfect match, no matter how complex the project is.

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    Why use property development finance?

    It’s no secret that property development is an expensive undertaking. It has a huge profit-making potential, but requires a significant monetary investment before it can bear fruit. 

    Taking out development finance gives you the funds you need to begin and complete development on your project. Because these types of loans typically involve a large amount of money, you’re more likely to be accepted for a loan if you already have a solid track record in property development. 

    What can you use property development finance for?

    Mortgage loans of this type are intended for large-scale developments such as heavy refurbishments, repurposing, or ground-up developments (buying unused land and building on it from scratch). It can be for either residential or commercial purposes. 

    Aerial view of a development project in progress
    Project managers stand atop a huge development finance project

    To talk to a property development finance specialist today, get in touch online or call us on 01202 692222. 

    Development finance specialists speaking at a company meeting

    Why should you use a mortgage broker for development finance?

    There’s a lot of money on the line when you’re developing property, so securing the best finance loan possible is crucial. When you utilise the services of a broker, you will get access to their knowledge and assets, which they will use to negotiate the most advantageous deal on your behalf. 

    Over the many years they’ve been in the industry, Bluechip Financial’s panel of specialists have cultivated close relationships with a wide range of lenders. They have access to the entirety of the market, giving them the ability to source the most competitive rates on your loan. 

    For expert advice and the best deal on your finance policy, look no further than Bluechip.